Our Mission

Our Mission:

Our company’s mission is to educate people about quality living by organising trainings and educational workshops on the topic, and to present, manufacture and deliver nutritional and dietary supplements, cosmetics and body hygiene products supporting a healthy lifestyle to those people who really need them. Our main principle is to create a people-centered community where it is people who really matter. Careers at us also reflect this idea. Our partners will, without doubt, see it in the first moment that equality is a basic principle at our company, and that one must as well give in order to get. With respect to these, our company wishes to create a niche on the related field, i.e. to establish our own world, and not to compete with MLM companies. We would not either do it, as our community does not show any MLM features.


Our Vision:

If we examine the health status of the population worldwide, it seems obvious that the majority of people in the so called ‘Western’ world suffer from obesity and chronic degenerative diseases, while the population in other societies face the burden of malnutrition and poverty. In ‘developed’ countries it is characteristic that people use symptomatic treatment to cure their smaller health problems, instead of finding the causes of their difficulties resulting from their lifestyle and civilisation-related damages and eliminating them, thus allowing their body to regenerate itself and get rid of the symptoms. The large number lifestyle-related diseases put a heavy load on healthcare, the whole society and on individuals as well. We wish to promote our philosophy according to which our body is capable of remaining healthy or restore its integrity by means of adequate nutrition, regular exercise and by avoiding the intake of toxic substances. Our Company considers the widespread propagation of nutrition knowledge a priority, as it makes individuals able to consciously shape their nutrition and lifestyle, which allow them to live a full and healthy life, both physically and mentally. Sorting and interpreting credible information in the field of health science allows us to make basic knowledge necessary for a health-conscious lifestyle available for a wide public. By this, we promote clear insight to and orientation in the large information flow of our days. Our aim, by teaching and providing knowledge, is to give a ‘compass’ to people’s hands that can serve as a guidance for them towards the right pass in the large flow of health-related information, often conflicting with each other. Our goal is to preserve and restore health by a establishing a community program within which our partners will be able to have access to the necessary knowledge and practical information, foods and dietary supplements on favourable terms, and where we reward those active partners who, through involving others, extend the circle of those people who wish to follow a quality and healthy life by being conscious about their lifestyle.

Finally, we also intend to serve a social issue, i.e. to ensure financial stability for that period of people’s lives when not work but children, grandchildren and hobbies are first.